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Breed Specific Research USA




Dachshund Research

Open to USA and Canada

Breen Lab at the North Carolina State University of Veterinary Medicine is conducting research into the genetics of Dachshunds that have haemangiosarcoma.  

Tissue and blood samples are desperately needed from dogs that have been affected by this disease.  Your local veterinarian can help attain these samples which need to be stored and shipped correctly.  Tissue samples can be taken at the time of tumour removal.  The information sheet on this page outlines what is required.

Owners are also required to provide a copy of the pedigree and AKC number, a copy of the relevant diagnostic pathology report, a copy of the last three months clinical and treatment protocols including planned ones and a signed copy of the consent form found here.  

Please consider helping with this important research.  Information that is gained by this research will help many dogs in the future.

Information Sheet here

Golden Retrievers Research

Open to USA

The Morris Animal Foundation is conducting a Lifetime Study on Golden Retrievers in an effort to prevent cancer and other diseases.  The study is looking for 3000 Golden Retrievers and will last 10-14 years.

They will be trying to identify how genetics, environmental factors and diet may affect the risk to dogs developing cancer and other major health disorders.  They will be looking at ways to better prevent, diagnose and treat cancer and other diseases for future generations of Goden Retrievers.

To participate you:

For more information of what is required from the owner please click here

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