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USA and Canada

The Breen Lab at North Carolina are collecting samples from certain breeds of dogs with lymphoma, osterosarcoma, mast cell tumour, melanoma, bladder and prostate cancer.  This research is open to residents of the USA and Canada.

The breeds they are looking for samples from is listed below:

In addition to requiring blood samples and tumour tiissue from the dogs listed above with osteosarcoma, lymphoma, melanoma and mast cell tumour they also need blood samples from first degree relatives of these dogs.  If they have either bladder cancer or prostate cancer only a urine sample is required.

If you have a dog from these breeds who is over 7, healthy and has never had cancer samples are needed from these dogs as well.

If you are able to participate in this research please contact Breen Lab prior to sending samples. Info@breenlab.org

Consent form-


Submissison Instructions-


General Information-



UK Research

If your dog is one of the following breeds with the cancer listed, you can also participate in this worldwide research.

Boxer - Lymphoma,MCT

Bullmastiff - Lymphoma

Golden Retriever - MCT


Greyhound -


Labrador Retriever - MCT


Leonburger -


Rottweiler -





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