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                   Australian Research State Guide

Treatment of Metastic Osteosarcoma

New clinical trials have commenced at five Veterinary Oncology Specialist Centres within Australia for the trial of a drug to inhibit the spread of bone cancer.  The drug Auranofin has been tested in a mouse model with  results showing a significant reduction in the spread of osteosarcoma to the lungs without any side effects. It is hoped that similar results in the reduction of metastasis will be found with dogs.  

Auranofin also has the potential for the prevention and treatment of osteosarcoma in humans as well as dogs. Human hospitals are also participating in this study and are listed on the information sheet.

The drug Auranofin will be free but there will be costs that owners will need to pay for themselves.  These other costs include those for monitoring the osteosarcoma such as blood tests, xrays and any other testing that the oncologist recommends.  Details of the expected cost will be provided when you contact the centres participating in the trial.

If you have a dog with osteosarcoma and would like your dog to be considered for this trial please contact the Veterinary Oncology Centres listed in the five states participating in this trial:  

Western Australia

South Australia



New South Wales

For the information sheet click here

If your dog is one of the following breeds in this trial please complete the paperwork for thie UK Research and ask the participating centre to do your cheek swab. Alternatively the Animal Health Trust will send you a kit:

Great Dane, Greyhound, Irish Wolfhound, Leonburger or Rottweiler