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 Stars of the Show

Bree - 7 year survivor

       Paul Newman

                         Perth Event  



   My Friend: Changing The Journey

The 29th July saw Perth hold the Australian premiere of the award winning American film My Friend: Changing The Journey.  The MC for the night, Michele O’Neill, did a great job both interviewing sponsors and keeping the night moving along smoothly.

The official proceedings started off with a short clip on the story behind the website, Caninecancer.org.au  Most people seemed shocked to find out Frodo’s vet got the diagnosis wrong and it was pathology that saved his life.  After the clip we had the introduction to the event from Bayswater City Councillors, Martin Toldo and Chris Cornish. The City is one of the most proactive in Western Australia in terms of promoting animal welfare and has always been supportive of dog owners finding out more on canine cancer.

Next up,  Perth got to hear from well known American oncologist Dr Sue Ettinger, also known as The Cancer Vet.  Dr Sue brought to Australia for the first time her “See Something Do Something” campaign.  This campaign is successfully sweeping America and is having a huge effect on dogs getting quicker diagnosis and therefore more success with better outcomes.

Dr Greg Ogilivie, one of the most respected oncologists in the world and narrator of the film, was next to speak to us.  He impressed the audience with what he had to say.  He reminded us how far the world of cancer has come in the last few years and gave hope to us all if we are ever faced with cancer in one of our pets.  He introduced the award winning film which impressed all that saw it. The hard work that Terry and Stacey put into making this film for dog owner’s had paid off here in Perth.  Many people were left realising that although scary,  a diagnosis of cancer does not have to be a death sentence.

One more suprise for those in attendance was the live chat with Caroline and Bree who had just celebrated her ninth birthday.  I am sure Bree knew it was “Star” time and she sat at the computer next to her mum looking gorgeous as ever.  Bree has survived lymphoma for over seven years having being diagnosed at 18 months.  She was off to agility trials again over the weekend.  I have to say that Bree also likes her bed (like the dogs in my house) so we were lucky she could manage to get up so early.

After Bree’s appearance, Dr Ken Wyatt was available for Q & A.  As usual, Kej was thrown all sorts of questions and once again captivated his audience.  Not shy of public speaking, Ken had enough questions to keep him going for over an hour.  At least this time around I did not have to wind him up due to other appearances on the program.

Thanks to all those that attended and a huge thanks to all the volunteers that helped put the night together, especially Helen. Thanks to Desperate For Love rescue for coming down with their well behaved dogs. Thanks also to all the sponsors that had tables on the night  and I would encourage everyone if they are looking for pet related services to contact our sponsors.  Support those that support us.  

Event NOW Available

The Perth event was filmed by Blue City Media and the production is now available. Chapters have been included in this film so that viewers can watch it in different parts. See the markers and description here

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