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Dogs' Day Out

Proudly supported by Perth Veterinary Specialists

The recent Dogs Day Out was a great day for both the dogs and owners that came to support the event.  

Dr Ken Wyatt gave a talk to those who came on canine cancer. Due to the interest from those intently listening, it ran a bit longer than originally planned. He answered questions from the floor that were asked by those in attendance.

The feedback from the talk Ken gave resulted in several people approaching our table afterwards and the comments were very positive.  A number of people conceeded that Dr Ken had changed their opinions on what they had previously believed was correct and accurate information. This has to be a huge plus for the dogs of Perth. On personal experience there is so much information out there that should not be followed. It is the job on a veterinary oncologist like Dr Ken, to be up to date on the very latest information on canine cancer. As he pointed out, the treatments are being updated all the time and he is continually keeping abreast of it. As with human GP’s, it is far too much for dog owner’s to expect their primary vet to know all the best treatments and options for our dogs.  We should ask for referrals and leave this to the oncologists who only deal with cancer patients. I would like to thank Ken for coming to the event and for his help with the website.

The fancy dress parade although running late, was won by Winston who travelled all the way from Waroona.  A change to the program saw Dr Ken being thrown in at the last minute to judge the event.  He was a good sport about stepping up to a role that was not on his agenda :)

The volunteers from Dances with Dogs gave a display which was a great hit with the crowd.  The stage area was too small to use, but they adapted as we moved some chairs and made space at the front of the stage.  Amanda  who was their announcer, did a great job not only for their performance, but provided an entertaining commentary for the fancy dress parade as well. The dogs love performing and they are all trained with treats and positive reinforcement.  New members who would like to try their dogs with this are always welcomed.

I would like to thanks Jen from Woofography, who spent the day taking photos of dogs, which she is allowing us to use for our Dog of the Week .Janine from Peek-A-Boo spent all day washing dogs and trimming nails. Both of these people donated all proceeds to Best Friends Animal Rescue the recipients of all the funds raised on the day.

A thanks to Best Friends Animal Rescue for coming on board for the event.  I asked Jeanie if she would like to partner for the event because of her dedication to what she does.  Jeanie is not a pet shop re-homer, which can’t always be said of some people that do dog re-homing.  She takes great care and is very thorough when placing dogs, drives miles every week to ensure the welfare of the dogs and all her dogs get the best treatments when needed.  All things that I personally support.  This all costs money, much of it out of her own pocket and if anyone is considering donating to rescue dogs consider helping this organisation.  

We had many sponsors that also assisted with the event.  Some were financial contributions and others were gifts to use in raffles, the silent auction or promotional assistance.  They are all listed on this page.  Without help from sponsors it is extremely difficult to have an event such as this.  We thank all of them for their assistance.

The day would not have been the success it was without the help of all the volunteers who helped on the day.  They did a great job and because of their effort I was able to concentrate on doing the promotion of canine cancer awareness.  Thanks to you all.  A special thanks to Helen who was unbelievable in her efforts in both helping to organise the event and the countless hours she spent making things to sell on the day.

Event Sponsors

Bayswater City Council

The Perth Voice

Woodvale Boulevard Amcal Chemist

IGA Morley


Leisure Insure

The Breadbox Bakery

ECM Limited

Instant Windscreens & Tinting

Katherine Lingerie & Corsetry

Coles Morley

Camera House Morley

Wembley Veterinary Hospital



Morley Budget Chemart

North Garden Chinese Restaurant

Winston - Winner of the fancy dress competition


The video of Dr Ken Wyatt’s speech.

Part 1- An Introduction to cancer here

Part 2 - Importance of pathology & biopsies here.

Part 3 - The future in cancer  treatments and Q & A here