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Australian Medical Oncologists

Perth Veterinary Specialists

Small Animal Specialist Hospital

Veterinary Oncology Consultants

University Teaching Hospital Sydney

Victorian Animal Cancer Care

University of Adelaide Veterinary Health Centre

Animal Referral Hospital

U-Vet Werribee

Australian Surgical Oncologists


Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre

Melbourne Specialist Veterinary Centre

Veterinary Specialist Services

Australian Radiation Oncologist

Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre

Australian Cancer Foundation

Australian Animal Cancer Foundation

Specialist Organisations

Australian & New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists

American College of Veterinary Internal Mediciine

European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine-Companion Animals

American College of Veterinary Radiology

Veterinary Blood Banks- See A Greyhound Giving Blood here


Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre

Small Animal Specialist Hospital

University of Melbourne Veterinary Hospital

Perth Veterinary Specialists

Sydney University Veterinary Teaching Hospital

U-Vet Werribee


Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank

St. Louis Animal Blood Bank


Canadian Animal Blood Bank

Lifestream Animal Blood Bank

United Kingdom

Pet Blood Bank

Other Cancer Sites

Animal Health Trust United Kingdom

Colorado State University - Animal Cancer Centre

University of California

Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine

Morris Animal Foundation

The National Canine Cancer Foundation

The Veterinary Cancer Centre

Portland Veterinary Specialists

The Oncology Service

Davies Veterinary Specialists

Southwest Veterinary Oncology

Veterinary Cancer Society

Veterinary Society of Sugical Oncology

Bone Cancer Dogs

Dr Sue Cancer Vet

 Rescue Links

When you are next looking for a new canine companion there are many rescue dogs worldwide looking for homes. Click here to find the rescue groups that support canine cancer awareness.