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Rescue Links

Rescue dogs make great, loyal companions.  Around the world thousands of dogs each year are in shelters waiting to find homes to spend their lives in. These dogs are of all ages and breeds, both purebred and mixed breeds. Consider supporting the rescue groups that support this website and give one of their unwanted dogs a forever home. These groups recognise the importance of educating dog owners on canine cancer and through owner awareness more lives will be saved.


Albury Wodonga Animal Rescue

Monika’s Rescues

Dog Rescue Newcastle

Happy Paws Haven

Happy Paws Haven Grafton

Dachshund Rescue Australia


Tibetan Spaniel Rescue

Furever Dachshund Rescue


United Kingdom

German Shepherd Rescue West Essex

Greyhound Rescue of West England

Adopt A Boxer Scotland

Clarks Farm Rescue Greyhounds

Hampshire Greyhounds

Whittingham Kennells

Cancer Survivor FRODO supports rescue dogs. Read his rescue story here


Overlooked dog Perth Australia.  Desperately needs forever home

Info@caninecancer.org.au for further information