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Transmissible venereal tumour is similar to the cancer in Tasmanian Devils (these are the only 2 types in mammals). This is an infectious cancer.  It is not a virus that causes cancer but a cancer cell that is truly infectious. It is spread by direct contact and usually causes fleshy bleeding growth on the vagina, penis, vulva and around the mouth and eyes. It is readily cured by a short course of chemotherapy.  See a Case Study including photos here


The pancreas is made up of two parts. The exocrine pancreas and the endocrine pancreas.

Carcinoma iis a malignant cancer that affects the exocrine pancreas which produces enzymes that it pumps into the intestine to digest food. This cancer is quick to spread throughout the body and usually causes death very quickly.

Tumours that come from the endocrine pancreas, which produces the hormones that are in the blood are named after the hormone they produce. Insulinoma shows signs of too much insulin as well as the tumour growth and spreads throughout the body.

Carcinoid tumours are called neuroendocrine tumours that form from cells that produce specific hormones. These tumours are much less aggressive the pancreatic carcinomas.


Carcinoma is a malignant cancer of the prostate. It usually forms in the ducts inside the prostate that that carry the fluid into the urethra.  In dogs it is not caused by hormones and therefore it is not less likely to occur in a castrated dog. For more detailed information, click here.