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Border Collie Lymphoma Study

A recent Australian study has found that Border Collies have an increased incidence of lymphoma, a cancer of lymphocytes and life threatening disease. Researchers at the University of Sydney Faculty of Veterinary Science are currently investigating the molecular mechanisms behind lymphoma predisposition and the prevalence of lymphoma in the Border Collie population.

The success of this study relies on obtaining enough information about the occurrence of lymphoma in the breed and obtaining blood or semen samples from dogs with the disease to use as a source of DNA for genetic analysis to identify genomic regions associated with lymphoma predisposition.

Researchers urgently need blood (3-10mls in EDTA and plain tubes) taken from dogs that have or have had lymphoma (and any corresponding reports on the diagnosis) and any semen samples (straws or pellets) taken from dogs that have passed away as a result of lymphoma.

  These bloods / semen samples can be sent via Express Post to the following address;

Professor Peter Williamson

C/-  552 RMC Gunn Building B19

Faculty of Veterinary Science

The University of Sydney NSW 2006

Please note that the blood samples need to be sent with cold packs but semen samples do not need to be frozen as long as samples are protected in some way (eg. padding/bubble wrap) to avoid damage in transit.

Anyone who owns or has owned a Border Collie can also help by completing the Australian Border Collies Health Survey. The information gained from this survey is essential to completing this research. Hard copies can be sent out upon request.

Further information on any items to do with the Lymphoma study can be obtained from either:

Pamela Soh - PhD Student



Dr. Katrina Cheng - Veterinary Oncology Resident





Border Collie Lymphoma Research

If you would like to participate in this important research, you can find out what is involved here.

If you are interested, please complete the consent form here

 Border Collie Health Survey

To participate in the Border Collie health and cancer survey  please click here